San Diego Electric Car Charger Installers Review the EV Project’s Latest Findings

If you’ve found this post, you’re probably considering the advantages and disadvantages of owning an electric car. Luckily, the U.S. Department of Energy is about 4 years ahead of you. In 2009, it started the EV Project. In April of 2013, it published the best takeaways from its four year study, a significant portion of which was conducted in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Read Lessons Learned on the EV Project and DC Fast Charging in it’s SlideShare format to quickly access the most important findings.

Those lucky enough to get in on the project early received a free electric car charger and rebates on the purchase of the car.  Don’t kick yourself too hard for missing out on this deal, however. At this point electric vehicle prices have dropped and the selection has expanded so much so that even Fiat and Volkswagen are coming out with EVs this summer!

So that you don’t have to read the EV Project’s entire 20 pages of data, we’ve pulled out the points that pertain to you the most and given you our perspective on them.

Chevy Volt

  • Avg distance traveled per day (mi): 40.5:  Makes sense to us: to and from work and maybe one errand.  So if you’re thinking of getting an electric vehicle, make sure it can last for at least 50 miles between charges. Also, interesting that Chevy owners drive 30% more than Nissan Leaf owners daily. Perhaps more urban dwellers who live closer to work prefer the Leaf? We’re uncertain on that one.
  • Avg trip distance (mi): 8.1  see above.
  • Avg # of trips between charging: 3.5  when refueling requires just plugging in, it becomes second nature pretty quickly. No more trips to the gas station! Keep in mind, too, that both the charger and the battery have automatic shut off capabilities so that
  • Avg distance between charging (mi): 28.2 Looks to us like people are just plugging in automatically, and possibly at charging stations at work given that the average distance per day is greater than the average distance between charging.
  • Avg # of charging events/day: 1.4  We’re surprised. We find most of our clients only charge once and overnight.

Nissan Leaf

  • Avg distance traveled per day (mi): 29.2  All of these stats indicate the Nissan Leaf people are driving less.
  • Avg trip distance (mi): 6.9
  • Avg # of trips between charging: 3.8
  • Avg distance between charging (mi): 26.3
  • Avg # of charging events/day: 1.1

Help with the Electric Vehicle Decision from a Certified Electric Vehicle Installer

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