Subcompact Slapdown: Chevy Spark EV v. Fiat 500e Electric Car Reviews

Chevy Spark EV Electric Car

Chevy Spark EV

If you are considering buying an electric vehicle,’s most recent newsletter has lots of great information. In their article, “Plugin Subcompact Comparison: Chevy Spark EV vs Fiat 500E,” the Fiat wins by a nose. Geared towards younger EV drivers, the 500e’s sporty look seduced the writer . While it also costs $5,000 dollars more than Chevy spark EV ‘s sticker price of $27,500, the 500e comes with a sunroof, a feature the Chevy designers sidestepped but the writer loved.

On top of the affordable $999 down and $199 per month lease rate, Fiat is also offering an interesting promotion: free car rentals. Under the Fiat 500e-pass program, all new car leases come with up to 12 days of free car rentals each year for the first 3 years.

Fiat Electric Car

The Fiat 500-E Electric is due to arrive summer 2013

Car rental companies working with Fiat are Alamo Enterprise and National Car Rentals. Chevy does not offer this. Considering that a larger sedan or even a truck would come in handy a few days of the year, Fiat’s free car rental promotion is brilliant.

The 500e takes less than 4 hours for a full charge with a level 2 charging station. Charging for the EV spark level 2 does not yet exist. Wow! The 500e gets 87 miles of range from a 24kwh lithium pack. EV spark gets 82 miles of range from a 21kwh battery. The interior of the 500e is more comfortable than the EV spark too.

If a subcompact just reminds you too much of a Lego car, stay tuned.  Tesla is coming out with a full size SUV crossover, the Model X.


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