Kia Soul Electric Cars Headed to San Diego in 2014

Kia soul electric carSouth Korea’s Kia Motors first dipped its toe in the electric car waters with its Ray, released only in that country. Rumors started recently by Kia World magazine (to whom we imagine Kia purposely leaks information) hint at an electric version of the popular Soul coming to the U.S., Europe and China by 2014.

We like the specifics!

Power Train:      Full Electric

Acceleration:     0 to 62 in under 12 seconds

Top Speed:         87 mph

Range:                  124 miles before recharge

Price:                     around $35,000  (competitive!)

All this power matched with the stylish body and exciting interior features tells us that the Soul EV will be a popular alternative to the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf, particularly for the younger crowd.

Kia’s Electric Car Charger Information Not Released Yet

While we don’t know the brand of electric car charger Kia will use yet, rest assured that Mathewson Electric installs all brands, sizes and styles of electric vehicle chargers. In fact, we’ve installed so many different varieties of car charging stations, a new version created by Kia won’t faze us.

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