Ford Focus EV 2014 Review: A Test Drive in El Cajon

Ford Focus Electric Vehicle

A sporty sedan with great pick-up

The fully electric Ford Focus EV 2014 will give the Nissan Leaf a run for its money, particularly for drivers who prefer American-made.

Since the Focus EV just hit the dealerships in San Diego, I hustled down to El Cajon Ford this weekend to give it a test drive. While the basic model starts at $35,200. I was thrilled when the salesperson, Bobby, opened the door on a top-of-the-line model, which runs around $40,000.

I found the Ford stylish and sporty without getting too other-worldly. I personally think the Nissan Leaf looks like a frog. The Ford’s more conventional body keeps its electric power on the down low or more subtle, where the Nissan’s design seems to scream “look at my cutting-edge electric vehicle!”

As I drove out of the dealership I felt like I was driving into the future.  As a San Diego EV charger installer, I am in the lucky position to see everything from the Fisker Karma to the Chevy Volt up close.  I stepped hard on the pedal going up the freeway entrance ramp. The acceleration was amazing and it was so smooth and quiet. The suspension was smooth and the turning radius tight.

Ford Focus EV – Pricing, Discounts and Incentives in El Cajon

While the basic $35,200 sticker price seems high, the discounts bring out-of-pocket more into line, particularly with a lease. Combine Ford dealership incentives with California and federal government rebates and tax credits and the price comes down significantly.

  • Rebates from the state of California:  $2,500 mailed within 2 weeks of purchase
  • Federal Tax Credit:  $7,500
  • Sticker to drive in carpool lane as a single driver without fees

Bobby explained that with $3,000 down, payments amount to $260 per month for the $40,000 model I took for a spin as long as annual mileage stays under 10,500.  Warranty on the battery is for 10 years or 150,000 miles.

Ford Focus EV Specs

  • Body – Hatch Back
  • Size – Compact
  • Fuel type – Fully Electric and powered by 23khw liquid cooled lithium battery
  • Power143 hp an Torque 184lb-ft
  • Range – 76 miles on each charge (with regenerative braking to maximize range)
  • Top speed -84 mph.
  • Charging time –  under 4 hours
  • EV Charger – Aerovironment Level II
  • Price – $35,200 – $40,000+

Overall, I think the Ford Focus EV is perfect for city drivers who don’t need to haul too much around town. The Nissan Leaf’s trunk space exceeds that of the Ford Focus, but families can still get lots of groceries and/or boxes in the hatch back.

Any questions about the Ford Focus EV before you go for a test drive yourself? Feel free to ask them in the comments below.  If you’re considering a Focus, what’s the other car you’re measuring it against?  Don’t miss our post on Kia Electric Cars Heading to San Diego in 2014 and Subcompact Slapdown: Chevy Spark EV vs. Fiat 500E Electric Cars. In addition to our reviews of electric cars, watch our Facebook and Google+ pages for updates on lighting design, kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting and more.



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