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Prepare for Your EV Charger Installation in 5 Minutes or Less

3D car designReady to purr out onto the freeway in your brand new electric car? Yes, it WILL be fun to laugh at the people standing at the grimy gas station in their suits and high heels as you speed by.

Installation of your EV charger requires far less than most people imagine, especially here in San Diego. Just read these tips below to start powering your car at home.

Step 1: Walk into Your Garage, Hand to Chin

Hmmm . . . just where will the car be parked? The charging station should be no farther than 12 to 15 feet away from your electric car’s connection port. Is the port on the right or the left side of the car?  Will you be parking on the right or left side of the garage? That’s all you need to know before you call Dan at Mathewson Electric to get a site assessment. We’ll do the thinking from here.

Step 2: Call for Your Simple EV Charger Installation Site Assessment

Let us get a gander at your garage and your electrical panel. You’ll need 240V power near the charging station and a 40 AMP dedicated circuit breaker on your electrical panel. We’ll take a look to see whether your current set-up is adequate or if you need some upgrades Together, we’ll determine the best spot for the EV charging station.

While these steps may feel like a hassle, keep in mind that the electric car powering costs and effort are mostly upfront. Once this part is complete, you cross the 52 times per year you go to the gas station off your errand list. Nice! After your EV charger installation, plugging the electric car in at night becomes as second nature as plugging in the cell phone—mindless.

Step 3: Hand Us Paperwork So We Can Deal with Any Permitting

Fully licensed electricians with 30 years experience in both commercial and residential projects, we know how to wrangle with “county.” We’ll get your paperwork completed correctly so it goes through fast. Depending on the neighborhood, your permits can clear as quickly as a day or a few days. The process can take up to a month in some  areas because of zoning and other issues. Either way, we’ll do the thinking, the calling and the negotiating for you.  In the meantime, we can make any upgrades to your electrical panel necessary to install the electrical charging station safely.

Step 4: Schedule your EV Charger Installation

With permitting and any upgrades completed, we’re ready to unwrap that brand new EV charger and install it.

Step 5: Before We Arrive . . .

  • Clear a path in front of your electrical panels and the spot we picked for the charger. Move cars from the garage and carport if need be. Give us 5 feet of room in all areas where we need to work.
  • Make sure pets and children will not be in work areas. Prepare family for our visit. An adult must be present during the EV charger installation.

EV Charger Installation Made Easy in San Diego

That’s it! When it comes to cost savings and personal attention, Mathewson Electric beats the dealers every time. We have the permitting, installation and charging process down to a science for ALL brands: Aeroinvironment, Clipper Creek, Leviton, Blinq and more. We’ve had the privilege of helping new owners of the Nissan Leaf, Fisker Karma, Chevy Volt, Ford Max and Escort,Toyota Prius and even the Tesla S, get out on the road fast. Still contemplating the electric car decision? Feel free to follow our blog,  Facebook and Google+ pages for updates. We review electric cars from time to time and keep owners up on the latest car charging stations to be added in San Diego as well as nationwide legislation pertaining to electric vehicles. We help you get all the benefits from your electric vehicle. Feel free to leave comments on all of those channels. We love talking EVs!




Kia Soul Electric Cars Headed to San Diego in 2014

Kia soul electric carSouth Korea’s Kia Motors first dipped its toe in the electric car waters with its Ray, released only in that country. Rumors started recently by Kia World magazine (to whom we imagine Kia purposely leaks information) hint at an electric version of the popular Soul coming to the U.S., Europe and China by 2014.

We like the specifics!

Power Train:      Full Electric

Acceleration:     0 to 62 in under 12 seconds

Top Speed:         87 mph

Range:                  124 miles before recharge

Price:                     around $35,000  (competitive!)

All this power matched with the stylish body and exciting interior features tells us that the Soul EV will be a popular alternative to the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf, particularly for the younger crowd.

Kia’s Electric Car Charger Information Not Released Yet

While we don’t know the brand of electric car charger Kia will use yet, rest assured that Mathewson Electric installs all brands, sizes and styles of electric vehicle chargers. In fact, we’ve installed so many different varieties of car charging stations, a new version created by Kia won’t faze us.

Last week, Mathewson Electric installed a Voltec Charger for a Chevy Volt customer in the North County, a Clipper Creek, two Levitons and an Aeronvironment . We are San Diego’s preferred evchargerinstallers! If you have a quick question about electric vehicles, electric car charger installation and more, go to our questions page and ask away! You can also follow us on Facebook and Google + to get tips and our unique perspective on the electric car and electric car charger industries. Of course, you can always get questions answered the old fashioned way: the telephone! Call us at 619-246-6159.

San Diego Electric Car Charger Installers Review the EV Project’s Latest Findings

If you’ve found this post, you’re probably considering the advantages and disadvantages of owning an electric car. Luckily, the U.S. Department of Energy is about 4 years ahead of you. In 2009, it started the EV Project. In April of 2013, it published the best takeaways from its four year study, a significant portion of which was conducted in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Read Lessons Learned on the EV Project and DC Fast Charging in it’s SlideShare format to quickly access the most important findings.

Those lucky enough to get in on the project early received a free electric car charger and rebates on the purchase of the car.  Don’t kick yourself too hard for missing out on this deal, however. At this point electric vehicle prices have dropped and the selection has expanded so much so that even Fiat and Volkswagen are coming out with EVs this summer!

So that you don’t have to read the EV Project’s entire 20 pages of data, we’ve pulled out the points that pertain to you the most and given you our perspective on them.

Chevy Volt

  • Avg distance traveled per day (mi): 40.5:  Makes sense to us: to and from work and maybe one errand.  So if you’re thinking of getting an electric vehicle, make sure it can last for at least 50 miles between charges. Also, interesting that Chevy owners drive 30% more than Nissan Leaf owners daily. Perhaps more urban dwellers who live closer to work prefer the Leaf? We’re uncertain on that one.
  • Avg trip distance (mi): 8.1  see above.
  • Avg # of trips between charging: 3.5  when refueling requires just plugging in, it becomes second nature pretty quickly. No more trips to the gas station! Keep in mind, too, that both the charger and the battery have automatic shut off capabilities so that
  • Avg distance between charging (mi): 28.2 Looks to us like people are just plugging in automatically, and possibly at charging stations at work given that the average distance per day is greater than the average distance between charging.
  • Avg # of charging events/day: 1.4  We’re surprised. We find most of our clients only charge once and overnight.

Nissan Leaf

  • Avg distance traveled per day (mi): 29.2  All of these stats indicate the Nissan Leaf people are driving less.
  • Avg trip distance (mi): 6.9
  • Avg # of trips between charging: 3.8
  • Avg distance between charging (mi): 26.3
  • Avg # of charging events/day: 1.1

Help with the Electric Vehicle Decision from a Certified Electric Vehicle Installer

If your electric car decision is hinging on the convenience and/or expense of charging, feel free to contact us at 619-246-6159 or contact us here. You can also follow us on Facebook as we go around San Diego, La Jolla and other neighborhoods checking out the new Fiskers, Volts and more!