Top San Diego Electric Car Charger Installation Gets You Out Fast & Fully Charged

Why Use Mathewson as Your Electric Vehicle Charger Installers?

Because we are independent contractors, our electric vehicle charger installation fees beat those of dealers. Dealers make up for monies lost in the negotiation for car price by charging more for extras like . . . electric car charger installation!

End run the dealers by using Mathewson Electric instead. We have the permitting, installing and charging process down to a science for ALL brands: Aeroinvironment, Clipper Creek, Leviton, and more. We’ve had the privilege of seeing (and even sitting in!) the Nissan Leaf, Fisker Karma, Chevy Volt, Ford Max and Focus,Toyota Prius, and even the Tesla S.

Beyond price, you’ll see from our testimonials that Mathewson Electric handles the county’s inspection and paperwork process, taking all stress out of the equation for you. Not only do we know the subtleties of the paperwork involved, we know how to get the inspectors to your site fast, often the next day. Let us streamline and de-stress the process for you! Call us at 619-246-6159.

Congratulations on Becoming an EV Early Adopter!

In 2009, the U.S. Department of Energy rolled out The Electric Vehicle Project with the goal of jumpstarting America’s electric vehicle adoption. Partnering with Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt, they offered a free charger and credit toward installation. If you want to review the fascinating results of their four year project, read April 2013’s Lessons Learned on the EV Project and DC Fast Charging. You can also cheat by reading the points most relative to you on our blog post “A San Diego Electrician’s Take on the EV Project Report.” [Link here]

While you may have missed the Electric Vehicle Project opportunity, the good news is that, since 2009, the prices on electric vehicles have gone down and the selection up, up, up!

Chevrolet Bolt 2017The New 2017 Chevy Bolt

2017 BMW i32017 BMW i3

2017 Tesla Model 32017 Tesla Model 3

At this point, you can go swanky (Tesla S) or practical (Ford Max or Focus), super-charged (Fisker Karma) or super-safe (Prius). Coming soon are the Volkswagen and the Fiat 500-E. We typically install the electric vehicle charger recommended by the car’s manufacturer.

Use these links to explore the charger manufacturers for each auto brand, but don’t forget to come back to us for more great information about electric vehicle charger installation!

Blink: Chevy Volt
We are BMW’s Certified
Evchargerinstaller for San Diego
Aerovironment: Nissan Leaf
Clipper Creek: Several
Aerovironment: Ford

Keep in mind that you don’t HAVE to use the dealer’s electric vehicle charger installer. We install all these brands AND handle all permitting and inspection issues for you for less than what the dealers charge. A quick call to Dan at 619-246-6159 proves it. You can also contact Mathewson Electric here.

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Car?

If you are still in the exploration stage, know that most experts put the electrical costs involved in charging an electric vehicle between 50 cents to $1.50 per day or around $365 dollars per year. Current gasoline fill up for an American family is $200 PER MONTH or $2400 per year. See? You were right for wanting to go electric. Use an electric car for 10 years and you save around $20,000 in fuel costs alone!

Other costs involved are the price of the EV charger, its installation and permitting. San Diego County has declared the 30 amps produced by the charger so powerful that it requires permitting and inspection.

The good news here is that we have lots of experience with San Diego county property inspectors. We get you the paperwork, help you complete it and then we submit it, order the inspector to the property and get it signed off. We do all the legwork. Your charging station should be ready to charge within three days of our site assessment on your property. Which leads us to another common question about charging your electric vehicle . . .

How Do I Charge My Electric Car? The Basics . . .

This is unbelievably easy. Once the charger is installed in your garage, you simply run the plug to the car and insert it. It’s as easy as recharging your depleted cell phone. More, most batteries and chargers contain surge protectors so the car can never over-charge or damage any of the equipment or the car in any way. Plug in at night. Unplug in the morning. One and done.

When Should I Install the Electric Car Charger?

Electric vehicle owners are an interesting demographic. You’re researchers. You’re planners. Most of you want your electric car charger installed BEFORE you take delivery of the vehicle. And that’s smart for obvious reasons.

Even so, we’ve had clients who’ve installed their chargers months after they brought the car home. They depended on the public EV charger stations in their community to keep their car running before finally getting the station at home. Then, we’ve had others who install their chargers months in ADVANCE in order to force themselves to take the plunge and buy one of the electric cars for which they’ve been longing for years. Most get their charger stations installed a week or two before or after getting the vehicle. Whatever you decide, we’re ready with our strategies to get you permitted quickly and without a hitch. Why struggle with this unknown process when we do it every day? Call us at 619-246-6159 or schedule a site assessment here.

What Level EV Charger Station Do I Need?

This is an easy one. Believe it or not, the Level I electric vehicle charger is no more than the electric outlet you plug your curling iron or electric razor into. While this method can work, it will take up to 30 hours to charge the electric cars made today.

The Level II charger is powered with 30 to 40 amps. Plugged in overnight, your electric car will charge up in 3 to 6 hours, depending on make and model. As we mentioned above, the charger and the car have surge protectors and shut off mechanisms that prevent any damage should the plug remain in the car for longer than the recommended charging time.

The Level III chargers remain in the domain of government bodies and high-tech experimental entities. These electricity powerhouses can charge a car within 5 minutes! They are far from ready for use by the average American, however. In fact, outside of any experimental endeavors, we estimate you won’t begin seeing them even at the big Department of Energy stations for another 10 years. Everyone buying an electric car charger today gets a Level II charger.

Mathewson Electric: San Diego’s Premiere Level II Electric Car Charger Installers

San Diego electric car owners depend on us to get their charger installed and explained quickly and easily. Electricians for 30 years, we have insight into how to integrate the charging station into your home’s electrical system and the space in your garage. More, we’re certified to install all electric vehicle charger types through the thorough training and testing conducted by United Laboratories (UL). Contact us [link] today or call us at 619-246-6159 with your questions about the logistics of installing your charging station.

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