Top La Jolla Electric Car Charger Installation Gets You Out Fast & Fully Charged

Why Mathewson Electric for Your Electric Car Charger Installation?

La Jolla, Del Mar, Encinitas and San Diego electric car owners depend on us to get their charger installed and explained quickly and easily. Electricians for 30 years, we have insight into how to integrate the charging station into your home’s electrical system and the space in your garage. More, we’re certified to install all electric vehicle charger types through the thorough training and testing conducted by United Laboratories (UL). Contact us today or call us at 619-246-6159 with your questions about the logistics of installing your charging station.

Because we are independent contractors, our electric vehicle charger installation fees beat those of dealers. Dealers make up for monies lost in the negotiation for car price by charging more for extras like . . . electric car charger installation!

End run the dealers by using Mathewson’s electric car charger installation services instead. We have the permitting, installing and charging process down to a science for ALL car types the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Ford Max and Escort, Toyota Prius (all versions), Honda Fit, Tesla S and even the Fisker Karma, (yeah: they’re fun to see). We’ve installed the Aerovironment, Clipper Creek, Leviton and more charger brands.

Beyond price, you’ll see from our testimonials that Mathewson Electric handles the county’s permitting inspection and paperwork, taking all struggle of the process. Not only do we know the subtleties of the paperwork involved, we get the inspectors to your site fast, often the next day! Call Dan at 619-246-6159 to schedule a site assessment. Have your charger ready to go within days!

Congratulations on Becoming San Diego’s Early Electric Vehicle Adopters!

You coast dwellers are big electric vehicle drivers. We have done more electric vehicle car charger installations over there where it’s “socked in” than any other San Diego neighborhoods. We say: more power to your ocean-loving selves! More sustainable, electric power, that is.

We get it: you need to be close to nature, to admire the waves and to make sure all that healthy, beautiful scenery stays around for your kids and grandkids, you’re driving electric. The seals and seagulls thank you. Your kids will thank you.

The great news for you is that, should you keep your electric car for a period of 10 years, you should save around $20,000 in fuel costs—the price of a whole new car! While electric cars can be more spendy than those with gas engines, the evidence here proves your many rewards making this choice include financial ones.

Here’s our math:

Average American’s yearly gasoline spend:  $2,400*

Average yearly electricity cost of EV:            $    365

Yearly fuel savings:                                       $2,135

$2,135 x 10 years = $21,350.

Costs savings AND benefits to your community as well. Yes, the electric vehicle does seem to make sense.

*We used solid data from The Manhattan Institute and CNNMoney to estimate a $200 gasoline expenditure per month for the types for working adults in the San Diego region.

The Basics of Electric Car Charger Installation

This is not your father’s (or even your older sister’s) fueling method. The good news is: from now on, you’re fueling at home. And it takes less than a minute to start the process. You simply leave the car charging over night. Level II units charge a car in 3 to 6 hours. And you’ll be surprised at how closely the receptacle on the car resembles that on your cell phone. The same goes for the plug running from the charger. Those nervous about the brave new world of electric vehicle charging can just consider their new car a really huge cell phone.

While you’re researching, take a look at this information about the Basics of Electric Vehicle Ownership.

Mathewson Electric: San Diego Coastal and La Jolla Premiere Electric Car Charger Installation

Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Del Mar, Encinitas and all San Diego electric car owners depend on us to get their charger permitted, installed and explained quickly and easily. Contact Dan [link] today or call us at 619-246-6159 with your questions about your charging station installation. A simple, refundable site assessment gets the process started.

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Dan Mathewson is in charge of the electric vehicle services of this website and company services here in San Diego. Call us today at 619-246-6159!