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Brothers Dan and Dave Bring Out the Beauty in Your Décor and Landscaping

It gets HOT in El Cajon! To keep family happy and businesses open, your electrical system must support your air conditioning needs, power the refrigerator and all household systems.

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Owner-operated Mathewson Electric has seen and handled the electrical design, installation and repair needs of El Cajon homes and businesses for 30 years. In the summer, we like to stay BUSY, examining overloaded circuits, non-functioning outlets and hot, hot light switches. If the community’s scorching, dry days can dish it out, you can bet El Cajon Electrician Dave Mathewson has seen it AND can fix it . . . quickly and affordably.

When your lights start flickering, half your outlets go dead or you crave a remodeled kitchen or bathroom, call Mathewson Electric at 619-219-0428. We never send techs or trainees, just the seasoned, expert owners. Because we know every job contributes to our reputation, we provide the affordable, efficient and reliable service we expect from service providers in our own homes.

Our residential services include:

We are fully equipped to handle all electrical services in El Cajon.

Lighting Design: Custom Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels Are Our Specialty

Did you know homeowners achieve the best results when they plan kitchen and bathroom lighting to be bright in certain areas, and more muted in others? When you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, getting the right lighting and switches incorporated into your new showplace beautifully enhances the new, often premium appliances, countertops and cabinetry.

Mathewson Electric, custom kitchen and bath remodeling specialists, has seen every variety of lighting fixture, design and strategy, and we appreciate the whole range. From ultra-modern stainless steel and glass to your rustic, mountain lodge look, we know which type of lighting works best where. In fact, we create entire lighting design plans! And we always follow the homeowner’s vision, not our own.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, you probably already know that the full cost of this upgrade returns typically returns to you when the house is sold. The right lighting helps ensure that your investment is well spent. We’re proud that we have both the technical and design backgrounds to make sure your rooms not only look beautiful but work seamlessly as well. Fully up-to-date on the latest Energy Star™ energy-saving fixtures and appliances, we can help you save money and protect our environment. Call Mathewson Electric at 619-219-0428 or contact us here to get a quote on lighting design, consulting and installation.

The El Cajon and San Diego Electrician with Endless Solutions

San Diego Homeowners have come to expect affordable, reliable service–no more than we expect when services providers come to our own homes. Electricians for 30 years, we are on the ready with lighting design, accurate diagnoses of your electrical issues, ceiling fan, recessed lighting and electric car charger installations. Contact us today with your questions about your project or electrical issue. Call us at 619-219-0428.

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Dave Mathewson is responsible for Residential Electrical Services here in San Diego. Call us today at 619-219-0428!