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30 Years of Electrical Services Experience Gets Your Home in Tip Top Shape

We never send our techs or trainees, only fully licensed, long-time electricians, the Mathewson Brothers. In our 30 years providing electrical services for San Diego and Spring Valley residents, we’ve seen electrical lines chewed through by gophers, broken wiring due to expansion and contraction following hot and cold spells and more. If the climate and unique challenges of the Spring Valley dishes it out, Mathewson Electric can fix it. Our fast diagnoses of electrical repair issues have won us life-long customers and glowing reviews.

Our residential services include:

We are fully equipped to handle all electrical services in Spring Valley.

Expert Custom Bathroom & Kitchen Remodel Electricians in Spring Valley

Did you know that the right lighting—bright in some areas but muted in others—beautifully enhances the colors and textures you’ve chosen for your new bathroom or kitchen? When considering a remodel, homeowners can feel confident upgrading to premium appliances, countertops and cabinetry. Real estate experts agree that the money you invest remodeling a kitchen or bathroom has a home resale return on investment nearing 100%.

Custom kitchen and bath remodeling specialist Mathewson Electric has seen every variety of lighting fixture, design and strategy, and we appreciate the unique characteristics of all styles. From a rustic whimsical, colorful style to a more muted, sophisticated approach, we know which type of lighting works best with each surface and structure. In fact, we create entire lighting design plans! And we are diligent about following YOUR vision, rather than our own.

The right lighting helps ensure that your remodeling investment is well spent. Call Mathewson Electric at 619-219-0428 or contact us {link] here to get a quote on lighting design, consulting, repair and installation.

The Spring Valley Electrician with Endless Solutions

We’re proud that we have both the technical and design backgrounds to make sure your rooms not only look beautiful but work seamlessly as well. Fully up-to-date on the latest Energy Star™ energy-saving fixtures and appliances, we can help you save money and protect our environment. Electricians for 30 years, we can map out your lighting design for kitchen and bathroom remodels, make accurate diagnoses of your electrical issues, and install ceiling fan, recessed lighting and electric car charger stations. Contact us today with your questions about your project or electrical issue. Call us at 619-219-0428.

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Dave Mathewson is responsible for Residential Electrical Services here in San Diego. Call us today at 619-219-0428!